What is SEO?

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) may sound like a fancy technical term. Maybe you’ve heard these rumors before. “SEO is dead. SEO is a waste of money. SEO doesn’t work for small businesses.” We’re here to help you change that. What most of your competitors do not know are the set of tactics and skills that we deploy to make sure you stay on top of relevant search terms related to your business. Whether you’re a doctor, developer, lawyer or art teacher, SEO can help your business tremendously when performed properly. Let’s break down some of the myths of SEO that we hear often way too much in the online marketing industry.

Myth #1) “SEO is dead.” What a bunch of bogus. As long as we have search engines (Amazon, Google, YouTube, Facebook), the SEO industry will continue to thrive; and those who understand the machine’s algorithms will be able to outrank their competitors and draw a large portion of Google’s monthly traffic. AdWords also accounts for a majority of Google’s yearly revenue. (An alarming 70-80%)

Myth #2) “SEO is a waste of money.” SEO can be tricky, according to Moz, Google changes their algorithm about 500 times a year, with a couple of these changes being some major ones that affect millions of business’ rankings across the globe. Don’t get me wrong. SEO is not easy for a lot of businesses. That doesn’t mean you can’t win in local SEO. Beating out two or three competitors in your area could mean hundreds or potentially thousands of people giving your business a chance.

Myth #3) “SEO doesn’t work for small businesses.” False again. In less than 6 months, we were able to rank multiple brand new websites onto page 1 ranking on Google using nothing but white-hat methods which we found through continued testing and analysis of Google’s algorithm. Small businesses may not be able to compete with the giants in their industry, but using Local SEO tactics you can outperform your local competitors to get that top ranking on the platforms you want!

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Every time a web-page is published, Google runs what’s called a spider through your site which crawls and indexes every single page. The search engine then uses algorithms to determine your rank (which changes on a daily basis), and voila! The search engine will display your web page in its SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The trick here is to understand what input the algorithms prefer in order to achieve that higher ranking on the SERP (the output). We keep up with recent algorithm changes on the major platforms which gives us an advantage over our competitors who aren’t constantly testing and innovating new strategies against multiple search engines. Testing is everything in SEO.

We strive for premium SEO service and we are known for helping small to medium sized businesses get their ranking up on Google and other search engines. Our SEO experts continually work on developing new strategies and improving our software to stay on top of the game. For more about our services, head over to our Services page here.

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