How to Make Better Facebook and Google Ads

Rank Me Up Session #2: Making Better Facebook and Google Ads

“There is no sale without the story; no knockout without the set up.”

-Gary Vaynerchuck

SEO is an art form. There is a process to it and if you do not respect the process, your results will be sub-par at best. In this blog post I will go over our basic SEO strategy for businesses who have little to no experience in content marketing and SEO marketing. Later, I talk about the similarities between boxing and marketing and how you can apply these principles to improve your marketing campaigns.
  1. Keyword Research (50-100 generic keywords is a good start. Volume ~ at least 700 monthly / max 5,000. Anymore and it’s too competitive unless you are willing to dish out a couple grand a month. Go for it!
    (THE END GAME: 100 generic keywords x 2,500 searches per month = 250,000 potential customers per month. Even 1% conversion = 2,500 visitors to your site, we’re going to aim for 3% – 7,500 visitors)
  2. Planning SEO friendly content – Plan out an article based around each keyword phrase. Must be content focused / not just list of products. (2,000 – 2,500 words)
  3. Create your Content – Fiverr is a great place. Make sure u post articles in bulk to get better prices + ask for 2 sample articles before hiring anyone. (Remember, the best ones aren’t necessarily the cheapest)
  4. Get Your Content Live – Have an article home page linking to your articles. Link to this article home page from your actual home page so Google indexes faster. (Important tip: consider adding opt in boxes on article page to capture leads for funnel later)
  5. The Waiting Game – wait for Google’s algorithms to crawl and update rankings. You will find that 1-5 articles rank amazingly well, 4 dozen okay, 4 dozen don’t rank at all
  6. Optimizing with Analytics – Look for pages that are ranking between 7 and 30 positions If you have an article that is ranking on the second page of Google, view the competitors on the first page and see what they have that you don’t. You might find that articles on the first page have, on average, 500 words of more content than you. In this case, add another 1,000 words to your article and wait a month to see where your article moves.
As you get more into the data that is provided to you by these SEO tools, you will soon learn to realize what content is good and what content is bad. Tools like Audience Insights on Facebook and Google Search Console gives us the data we need to optimize our campaigns for better results. It is crucial for marketers to understand these different metrics since Facebook and Google do not like bad content on their platforms, and by “bad” I mean content with below average CTR (click-through-rate), and low relevancy scores (between ad text and image). Try your best to make your ad text, image, and landing page all relevant to one another to improve your relevancy scores. This will naturally boost your CTR as well.
If you don’t want to make the same mistakes as 80% of advertisers out there, here are 3 SEO tips you will need:
  1. Increase CTR on search results by optimizing your page tags.
  2. Keep people engaged on your site with “Super Content” once they have clicked through
  3. Making sure your pages are fully compatible for Mobile devices so bounce rate / time on site is optimized as well.

Area 1: Optimize your Page Tags to Increase organic CTR: Focus on Title and Meta Descriptions

   For Title Tags…
  • Feature the target keyword phrase for each page as near to the beginning of the title tag as possible.
  • Keep your title tags to 65 characters of less, so they don’t get truncated in the search results.
  • Try to use words that will match searchers’ queries, as exactly matched words will appear in bold and stand out from other listings in SERPs.
  • Make your title tag relevant to the content people will find on the page to decrease bounce rate.
  • Use emotive text to increase curiosity
For Meta Descriptions…
  • Include your target keywords or phrase in the description as Google will highlight it, and help your listing stand out.
  • Make sure your meta description is less than 160 characters so it doesn’t get cut off in the results.
  • Consider adding a call to action – this might be a ‘click here’ …or a coupon code offer …or letting people know that you’re offering FREE delivery.

Area 2: Super Content

Neil Patel does this very well in the SEO industry. He takes all his competitors and just outright makes BETTER content. More thorough, more LSI keywords, more text, more captivating images, etc. If you’re going to outsource this part you should get a DIFFERENT freelancer to create the content than the article writer for the long-tail keywords. Some tips before you start:
  • Include multiple forms of content
  • High quality images, Info graphics, charts, review tables, videos
  • What your content contains depends on what the aim of your website is and what you are selling.
  • Add Share links
  • Include multiple Calls to action

Area 3: Optimizing for Mobile

  • Google announced that sometime in 2018, it will switch to a mobile-first index
  • Google will determine rankings based on the quality of the mobile version of the site instead of the desktop version.
  • A new Googlebot will crawl your site and determine if its performance, content and user experience are up to scratch for people searching on Mobile
  • Use Google’s tools to test mobile-friendliness of your site

`Final Thoughts

  • You need to put in the time for SEO
  • Google and other engines get more advanced each year. Don’t try to cheat the system
  • Focus on the user and deliver great content (rather than implementing short-term SEO shortcuts) then you will see long term success!

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