Case Studies

Navien: Comfort-Mate


  • Managed to increase traffic from 100 visitors to 60,000.
  • Facebook Ads returned 4:1 ROA
  • Increased Google Ranking after new website launch for brand and product keywords to first position on page one.


  • Launched Google Shopping Campaign to increase online brand presence.



  • Managed first page 2nd position ranking on target keyword after being outranked by other competitors in the industry.


  • Managed to increase traffic by over 400% and total number of sessions by 500% from 1,500 users to over 10,000 in one month.

Joombas Music Group

  • Managed page 1 first position ranking on main brand keyword after being page 4.
  • Scaled Active Users from 5,000 to 20,000 (400% Gain)



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